I know mastodon doesn't usually do shitposts but I cannot help myself

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Me: I forced myself to stop applying to things from September to the end of the year I'm gonna have such a chill 2023

Also me in the span of two days after being released from my own leash: dumps 8 different application deadlines for this year's programs/workshops/conferences into my to-do list, and submits 2 applications to conferences both in march

A super late

Hi Mastodon, and thank you @kinozhao for running @fediphilosopher !

I'm Xin Hui, a PhD student in shuttling between the University of and . My main philosophical interests lie in the intersection of and epistemology, particularly how decision models bear on our and agency.

You may know me as thyacinth on !


@alexbryant a business school prof I graded/TAed for had a terrifying regrade policy: all regrade requests had to go through him, and it would be in a meeting with all three of us (him, the student, and me).

In philosophy proper, whenever I've been asked to regrade a paper/exam I first make explicit how many points they'd have to increase their paper/exam grade by to jump to the next letter grade, and then half of them tell me not to bother after. I tend to be quite charitable on regrades though (and grading in general)


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