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Neuroscience needs new ideas. So there is a whole summer school (in Waraw) on making them: - such a wonderful idea

TIL microwave interferes with my wifi.
mind -> blown

Having student say "this is fascinating" ✅

Having student ask "what do you think is the right view?" ✅

Having student say "I found out online that you have a podcast" ✅

I feel like I'm just one cheating case (which it doesn't look like I will) away from being fully initiated into this professor thing

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Forgetting a (zoom) appointment with a student ✅

Sending a one-line email response to the wrong thread ✅

13 new emails during 2 hours of teaching ✅

Forgetting a (zoom) appointment with a student ✅

Sending a one-line email response to the wrong thread ✅

Where can I get a new brain

I have a superpower: I'm invisible to conference chairs.
Holding my hand up + sitting next to the person who was called on first + seems to have made eye contact with the chair = not enough to make it to the question cue.🙃
Should I start wearing neon jackets. would that help

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New Papers at Philosophers' Imprint 

We are happy to have just published four new papers.

The Musicality of Speech, by James Lewis -

Essentialist Non-Reductivism, by Taylor-Grey Edward Miller -

Darwin's Causal Argument Against Creationism, by Hayley Clatterbuck -

Does Compositionality Entail Complexity?, by John Adorno Keller -

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Dear colleagues, I want to share my most recent translation project coauthored with Uladzislau Harbacki from the European Humanities University. We undertook a translation from English into Belarusian of a zine - an informal popular science booklet - about the Sexual Configurations Theory (SCT). The theory itself was developed by Prof. Sari van Anders, and the English original was created by Alex Iantaffi, Meg-John Barker, and Jules Scheele. SCT proposes a broader range of terms to discuss gender identity and sexual orientation. What exists beyond the binary classes of men and women, gays and straights, vanilla and kink? What space does the diversity of gender/sex identities occupy and how to find oneself in that space? These are the mapping questions that SCT addresses.

This translation was a challenge for us to develop Belarusian vocabulary for gender discussions. In many questions - especially the graphical diagrams - the zine only scratches the surface and doesn't include the rich empirical results of newest studies. However, for people who don't fit in the cis-hetero paradigm even such a short popular text can be a great discovery of a whole wide world of alternative options for self-identification.

There is a lot of work left in what concerns the pronouns, gendered forms, vocabulary surrounding people of nonbinary gender, which is very hard to work with in gendered languages such as Belarusian. In English it is easy to introduce the pronoun "they" and everything works from there on, but in Belarusian and other continental European languages one needs to think a lot about new grammar. I hope this zine becomes a good starting point for individual gender journeys.

For those who don't read Belarusian, I highly recommend either reading the English original or one of the other translations (French/Spanish/Italian), or undertaking your own translation into your own language for an exercise.!

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😶 Just got an email saying my school paid 3k+ for my open access

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Here's my introduction post!

I'm a #survey methodologist and professor of #sociology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I also direct our academic survey center, the Bureau of Sociological Research. And I edit the survey methods side of the Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology.

My work is on mixed-mode surveys, interviewers, qnaire design, and nonresponse.

I will post about survey #methods work.

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There's also something especially obscene about the contrast between OpenAI's reported incipient valuation at $29 Billion and the sums mentioned in this article ($200,000 for the whole contract).

That throws into stark relief what kind of tech labor is valued and what kind is considered incidental. See also: @maryLgray
and Suri's _Ghost Work_, @ubiquity75 's _Behind the Screen_ and this piece from @adrienneandgp @milamiceli & @timnitGebru

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Philosophy colleagues: it’s time to spread the word. We’re hiring again at St Andrews. Two continuing lectureships, starting September 2023.

One position in Social Philosophy, esp. Feminist Philosophy and Philosophy of Gender.

The other, in Applied Philosophy.

St Andrews is a great Department to work in, so please spread the news to qualified candidates.

The closing date is soon (February 13), so don't delay.

Student: when was this book written?
Me: it wasn’t that long ago… it was in the 90s.
Student: oh wow ok that explains why it’s so difficult to read.

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Looking through my old slides (to find a picture) and thinking to myself: hmm, I wrote good slides! And I knew so much stuff!

If a paper is read but leaves no trace in memory, did I actually read it?

Unpopular (?) opinion:
People who want to talk about Twitter should just talk about "Twitter" so that people who don't want to read it can keyword-block it.

If you use code language like Birdsite or T****r then those who don't want to read it won't know that this isn't something they don't want to read until they finish reading it.

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This week, a bailiff stopped me and acted as though I was in the wrong place as I walked through a portion of the courthouse that is restricted to attorneys and judges.

I'm an attorney. I was wearing a suit and conducting myself just like every other attorney in that area.

This is not the first time that has happened. I can think of several other instances in various counties where courthouse security has assumed that my black skin means I must not be an attorney.

I'm tired of it.


Immigration officer: "I am confident that [your school's] immigration office will be able to provide you with the specific document that is required, because all of our other applications from this institution have this document attached."

My school's immigration office: "We submitted many PNP applications and we were never asked for such document."

(Both direct quotes.)

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