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Thoughts after the first faculty meeting of the semester: There's gotta be a (negative) correlation between theoretical progress and Carnegie classification of higher ed (R1, R2, etc.). If you're not spending a ton of money on your research, it basically doesn't count. Measuring research activity/productivity based on research expenditure is certainly a choice. Wonder what kind of long term impact this has on science (in the US). Maybe we should start labeling and quantifying empirical waste.

My experiment in asking students to address me as Dr. or Prof. has failed :/
I'm not really annoyed (yet). Should I be annoyed?

Relatedly, I can only have PsycNet sort by "most downloaded" or "most popular" (how are they different? popular is by citation?) but not "most recent".
Am I blind?
Otherwise it seems to be, um, reinforcing entrenched studies, no?

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hivemind please help: I'm teaching philosophy of statistics this term. I want to use "real examples" taken from the methods sections of scientific papers on assignments. I want to include a variety of research to show students the same method in different contexts.

So: could people from science disciplines point me to a good database in their fields where I can browse newly published studies?

Preferably "small data" fields that primarily use curve-fitting type stats.

Thanks in advance! @academicchatter

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Should I do a video abstract for the New Works in Philosophy youtube channel (

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It's January 1, and I am now officially a tenured professor at the university where I got my undergraduate degree. Strange to think I can count among my colleages people who inspired my love of philosophy in the first place.

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Mysteries of the world: on American Airlines, carry-on pets count as your one carry-on bag (allowing you just the one personal item). Fine, okay. But pets are required to go under the seat, not in overhead storage (naturally... but it's also an official rule). But then according to the announcements, carry-on bags are supposed to go in the overhead storage, with personal items under the seat. So why does the pet not take the place of the personal item?

🌠 It's official🌠
My paper, "Measuring the non-existent: validity before measurement" is forthcoming at Philosophy of Science.

Final draft preprint available here: (For those of you who saw the previous draft, this one has about ~2 paragraphs' worth of difference)

Abstract: This paper examines the role existence plays in measurement validity. I argue that existing popular theories of measurement and of validity follow a correspondence framework, which starts by assuming that an entity exists in the real world with certain properties that allow it to be measurable. Drawing on literature from the sociology of measurement, I show that the correspondence framework faces several theoretical and practical challenges. I suggested the validity-first framework of measurement, which starts with a practice-based validation process as the basis for a measurement theory, and only posits objective existence when it is scientifically useful to do so.

Can't say I figured out Chicago style (as you can see from the preprint, it's still my favourite APA). I hope the copyeditor doesn't hate me too much.

I feel twice as legitimate as I did before now that I have twice as many publications! (<- totally healthy, I know.)

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What is the best #Wordpress theme for #accessibility? #digitalhumanities colleagues have any thoughts? #disabilityJustice #disabilityStudies colleauges? I have used so-called accessible themes that still trigger alerts and warnings on the WAVE accessibility checker , hence my desire for personal recommendations. Thanks in advance!

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There is a new instance in town:

For climate scientists, scholars & educators as well as climate science projects.

#ClimateJustice #ClimateScience

So, um, when do you stop being nervous before you teach?
(asking for, um, totally not me)

Now, let's hope the journal compiles biblatex.

yayyy new publication accepted!
Just as soon as I figure out what the Chicago style is...

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(reminder) APPLICATIONS DUE Tuesday 10 January 2023:

New #NSF-funded program in #AIEthics and #DataEthics at #NortheasternUniversity!

We'll bring in cohorts of approx. 10 #philosophy (or related) graduate students to #Boston for 10 weeks for each of the next 3 years (beginning this year) for training in #AIEthics and #DataEthics from our faculty and visiting scholars.

$12k stipend per student

More details+application info for summer 2023 at the program website.

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A proper #introduction following the #academictwitter #twexit -- I am an associate professor of literature and philosophy in New Jersey, though I live in the Bronx. This year, I published my first book, on Bentham's manuscripts on sexual nonconformity and I'm working on a second, on slavery and British national debt in the 18th century. Aside from academics, I post about queer life, boardgames, public bathing, movies, light sporting content, and my cats Dolores & Camilla.

if biennially means every two years then biweekly should just mean every two weeks, right?

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