# of professional invitations turned down due to US visa issues is 3 for me so far.

Edit to clarify: by "issues" I mean the very-normal wait time of 4 months for a visa interview appointment. There is in fact no complication in my case.

Gonna try this one out:

So I have a vague memory of a book I've been wanting to read. I think it's an ethnography/ investigative journalist style account of the law school rankings. The (one?) theme is high ed ranking systems and the financial/political influence of Harvard and similar schools.

I know this is very little information. But... any guesses?

Edit: found it! russellsage.org/engines-anxiet

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Hello! I'm History of Philosophy & Logical Analysis, an academic journal dedicated to the history of philosophy. The motto of the journal is 'The history of philosophy should not only be honored as historical documents, but first and foremost be taken seriously from a philosophical point of view.' The journal has been published since 1998; since moving, in 2020, to Brill Publishers, the journal appears twice per year.

I had an account as @hpla@fediscience.org but with @AustralasianJournalPhilosophy and @ajlonline being here, maybe we can make this the home of philosophy journals.

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Dear colleague psychologists, Please read the preprint, "Dealing with Diversity in Psychology: Science and Ideology", by Dr. Steven Roberts, and then sign the open letter (in next toot) to ask for accountability for this racist treatment by the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science and for the EiC to resign. psyarxiv.com/xk4yu 1/n

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We are aware of the recent security breach in Misskey resulting in server spams on Mastodon.

We have not been attacked and have preemptively blocked the domains where the reported spams originate.

Side note: if you hear of similar concerns in the future, *please do not search for those domains* (which is what would trigger the attack). (No one did it but I just want to make sure folks know.)

Visiting my alma mater (UBC) after 9 years and seeing my tuition money at work.
(Seriously though it’s so fancy I can barely find my way around.)

How Twitter’s “Teacher Li” became the central hub of China protest information

In his own words, the Chinese painter shares how he became a one-person newsroom during a week of intense protests against China's zero-covid policy.


Those of you who have not experienced years of pervasive censorship and absolutely zero freedom of press might not be able to fully appreciate what this guy did and what it meant to them/us.

why are there so many ChatGPT posts on my feed (from different people, on different themes, too)

I just want to burry my head in the sand and do blue book exams from now on

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Crystals can absolutely keep negative energy away. Just throw them at the person being negative until they go away.

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I have the possibility of doing a yearlong #project with students about #math.

What are cool projects that you can think of that are accessible to students (age 16 through 18) and that are also interesting enough to keep students entertained for a whole year?

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Frankly #ChatGPT makes me so sad and disillusioned with NLP research.

It's not the model not being available; it's not the fact that is trained on unknown data and methods; it's not the clear commercial priorities and marketing.

But the combo of all three is such a blow 😔

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Time for a very late #introduction!

I'm an Associate Professor at #Arizona State University (#ASU), where I do a lot of inter- and multi-disciplinary work straddling animal behavior/behavioral ecology, autonomous systems/robotics, optimization/analytics, and machine learning/AI. Lately, I've been doing a lot of work with #ants, #bees, #swarmIntelligence, and #brain-inspired #AI. But my background is in #controlTheory.

Otherwise, yay to #dogs, #hiking, #nature, and #homeImprovement! 😃

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Another (non philosophy) random thought:

@xiyudu and I had talked about what to call someone (like her) who sets up a Mastodon instance from the programing site. I initially offered "developer", but she didn't really "develop" the code. Then she offered "maintainer", since she's in charge of maintaining the instance by, e.g., upgrading or troubleshooting.

Recently I've come across "instance administrator", which might work, but sometimes people are allowed to be admin of a site without being the owner of it. Today I saw "instance operator", which I think sounds super cool.


@danhicks @philosophy
My sense is also that ethics review is not talked about as much because it’s not controversial — everyone agrees we should have them.

I’ll take a look at Okruhlik (1994). But also— surely ethics review is part of the context of justification, no? It affects how we (are allowed to) test a hypothesis?

@pbokulich @philosophy

"the main question is whether and how values play an *epistemic* role in science." -- I think that's what the rationale is, in a lot of cases.

So, another way to phrase what I'm trying to push is that *changing the method by which we generate knowledge* is an epistemic influence. E.g., if I can only do an observational study and not an experimental one (because of ethics), that changes what the inferential structure is and what conclusions I'm allowed to draw and what epistemic weaknesses there are for my conclusion, etc. That seems pretty pervasively epistemic to me.

(This is in contrast with, e.g., us boycotting a product because it's produced using science that is unethical. This is arguably a "peripheral" issue in that it's not epistemic.)

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New journal dedicated to the philosophy of mathematics mxphi.com
All papers are free to download in the author’s language, paper version in English when volume complete.

@mike I don't know if we should need to "render the instance relevant". I feel like study design should be the core of the core of scientific methodology. And if you're changing study design because of ethical clearance, the ethical clearance is affecting the core functioning. No need for further argument.

But, fwiw, my memory is in Douglas's 2001 paper where she explicitly says that she's talking about genuine influences in methodology and not stuff like ethical clearance. I don't know how widespread this sentiment is or even if she has changed her mind in later writings. It's less common to say "I'm not talking about X" nowadays in the values literature (I think), but as far as I can tell there also isn't a discussion about ethical clearance in values in science terms.

Random thought:

The "values in science" literature often specify that they are debating the legitimacy of values in affecting *the core functioning of science* and not the peripheral stuff like scientists often choose to work on project A over B because A is better funded and more likely to lead to career advancement. So far so good.

But another thing that's often glossed as an example of "peripheral stuff" is ethics clearance in study design. So, e.g., certain experiments can't be performed on humans or certain studies can't be done deceptively.

Surely those are examples of values affecting "the core functioning of science", no? Choosing to do an experiment on mice as opposed to people is a core methodological choice, right?

Did I read the literature wrong? Are there papers (which I missed) that talk about values in science in these settings?


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Just done presenting at the Philosophy Department at Uni of Bristol. Talking about the various notions of logicality and what they have to say about the status of arithmetic. Great questions from the audience.

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