So, I've recorded a video abstract. But it's still being edited because

I don't think my Outlook quite understand what work-life balance means🤔


Tsinghua: "if fear stops us and our voice, people will be disappointed in us. As a student from Tsinghua, I would regret it for the rest of my life."

Najing Communications: "in my first ever university class, a professor told us that we are here to become people's voice. If I am not here to speak for the people, what is my purpose here at all?"

Northwest University of Political Science and Law: "This is the voice of justice. Isn't it our job to defend the voice of justice?"

Zhejiang: "Art must affect politics, or be killed by it."

Xi'an Foreign Language University: "If there exists only one voice, the voice that exists is a lie."



Students at Nanjing Communication University.

"The principal shouted 'you will pay for this'. A student responded 'so will you. So will all of us.'"

"The principal asked 'do you dare tell me your name'. One woman shouted her name. They all shouted their names."



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