Can someone explain PhD regalia to me?

My school's graduation page sells a black one that's very cheap (<$100) but crappy looking -- doesn't have colours and I'm pretty sure the sleeves are wrong.

If I google online, I find a different one that looks much closer to what I've seen on stage and much closer to the price-range of what others report (~$600). It also has colours matching my school colours.

But this style of regalia is nowhere linked or mentioned on my school's graduation page, and every seller that lists this is an independent seller. I don't know if they'd check my degree to make sure they're giving me the right one.

I tried to read the acenet's description of regalia and there are so many rules. I really don't want to get a wrong one.

So... help? @academicchatter

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@kinozhao @academicchatter I would check with you university's graduate school. Someone there should know a preferred vendor who will get things right for your hood, colors, etc. For my university, the vendor who knows the details is Willsie

@bud_t the grad school only links to the generic black one. Did yours list the one you need or did you have to ask someone specifically?

@kinozhao someone in our grad school connected us with the vendor. I would call or contact an admin staff person in your grad school and ask.

@kinozhao @bud_t The black one on the webpage sounds like a generic undergrad/MA type one to me (at least in IE/UK it would be). I second ringing whoever administers your graduate program and asking them.

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