🌠 It's official🌠
My paper, "Measuring the non-existent: validity before measurement" is forthcoming at Philosophy of Science.

Final draft preprint available here: philsci-archive.pitt.edu/21626 (For those of you who saw the previous draft, this one has about ~2 paragraphs' worth of difference)

Abstract: This paper examines the role existence plays in measurement validity. I argue that existing popular theories of measurement and of validity follow a correspondence framework, which starts by assuming that an entity exists in the real world with certain properties that allow it to be measurable. Drawing on literature from the sociology of measurement, I show that the correspondence framework faces several theoretical and practical challenges. I suggested the validity-first framework of measurement, which starts with a practice-based validation process as the basis for a measurement theory, and only posits objective existence when it is scientifically useful to do so.

Can't say I figured out Chicago style (as you can see from the preprint, it's still my favourite APA). I hope the copyeditor doesn't hate me too much.

I feel twice as legitimate as I did before now that I have twice as many publications! (<- totally healthy, I know.)

@kinozhao Love the abstract and opening paragraphs. Looking forward to reading!


@RoarStovner Curious to hear any thoughts you might have!

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@kinozhao Great! The construct I'll have in mind while reading is "teaching quality". I've most certainly tried to measure this validly but have always felt iffy about the ontological implications of measuring it. I'm sure this paper will teach me lots. :⁠-⁠)

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