Look I'm all for Canadian spelling but "behaviour" is one character too many for this project summary char count.

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@kinozhao You could? But that would be pronounced hoe?

You could also lose all those silent Bs too. Some scholar in England in 1400s (unsure of date) put them in thinking they were going back to the latin root, but the root was old french, not latin ... so we are stuck with their pompous mistake.

You'll need to keep the Hs though. English pronounce them as if H comes first. Perhaps linked to the equivalent words in Nordic languages that start with HV (What-Hva, Where-Hvor, Why-Hvorfor etc)


Three vowels in a row is just bad design. Imagine pronouncing them. My (mercifully short) poem as consolation:

To pee on a tree
Is a luxury.
One shared with the tree,
Peeor and peeee.

#english #Poetry #poem

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