Who are the philosophers of psychiatry already in the Fediverse?

Some I have already found over here include Lisa Bortolotti (@lisabortolotti), Matthew Broome (@matthewrbroome), Stephen Gadsby (@stephen_gadsby), and Hane Maung (@HaneMaung).

Follow and tag @philosophyofpsychiatry so we can find each other more easily.

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@jeporcher @lisabortolotti @matthewrbroome @stephen_gadsby @HaneMaung @PhilosophicalPsychology @cogsci @cognition
I was a philosopher and anthropologist in my first degree before I was a medic and psychiatrist, and would more than hesitate to claim the title of philosopher of psychiatry. But I would love to join the party, please.

@dickonbevington that's interesting! I did it the other way around ... I initially trained in psychiatry before I did my PhD in philosophy ... in fact, you once taught me when I was still practising at CPFT! it's good to see you here.

@HaneMaung Oh that's wonderful! I wonder how long ago that was and I apologise profusely 😂 - yes, I did the first half of my degree in anthropology (loved it) and then switched so sat my finals in philosophy and comparative religion. It was joyous. But it did end up with me living in a garden shed at the bottom of a Franciscan friary in Plaistow, East London, without many ideas of how to use it... until I found myself doing this!

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