My talk at the Hannah Arendt Center at Bard College, "How to think together: the social life of the mind" is now online

For those of you interested in what 'thinking together' might entail, I'm giving a talk at the Hannah Arendt Center at Bard on 3 May:

“Is there a god?” asked Rabbit.
“You’re standing on it,” said Bear.

©️Tara Shannon
#RabbitAndBear #EarthDay

A good one to re-read by @jana_bacevic - "the ‘student experience’, in this myth, is a form of poverty tourism or bootcamp... Poverty is not a rite de passage for those who stay poor throughout their life, and there is no glory in recalling the days of drinking cheap cider if, ten years down the line, you doubt you’ll be able to afford much better. Increasingly, however, that is all of us."

Last session of the 'Ethics of Ambiguity' reading group is this Friday (27th), 1-2PM BST. We will be discussing the Conclusions, impressions incl. what brought people to this work, and any potential continuation. All welcome! Details:

any good (obviously, very recent) writing on the Twitter --> Mastodon exodus? am looking for angles that are sociology/political economy, primarily, but open to other suggestions

Reminder that the fourth meeting of the 'Ethics of Ambiguity' reading group is this Friday (13th), 1-2PM (BST), on Zoom. We'll be discussing parts 3 & 4 of Chapter III - The Antinomies of Action & The Present and the Future. You're more than welcome to join, even if you haven't attended any of the previous sessions! Details, link to de Beauvoir's book, and how to join:

🧵 #Teesside #ecocide ☠️ #stopfreeports 🦀 🦀 🐠
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Please read; the most important piece I've written. Mass poisoning has suddenly killed off most sea life for 30 miles by the Tees. The govt claims it's natural; ind scientists warn it's manmade. The govt is desperate not to inquire too deeply as its freeport policy is at stake.

well this is bad news: Jeff Beck, RIP

and here's one of his highlights:

At today’s #EthicsOfAmbiguity reading group (convened by @jana_bacevic) contributors showed the book speaking to so many, and so varied, contemporary topics:

- post-Apartheid reckoning in South Africa
- Hindu nationalism
- debates within feminism re femininity and oppression
- Scientism
- de-colonising charity
- The role of ‘lived experience’
- Liberal interventionism
- Free speech (/‘oppressing’ oppressors)
- US political gridlock
- Restore Trust…

grocery store chains: we set record profits this year

retail chains: we've never made so much money

energy companies: we just posted our best quarter on record

news article: who is to blame for inflation? you peasants wanting wages, probably

Remember, #Santa's "naughty list" is a technology of Foucauldian discipline invented by a soft cultural hegemony that has enshrined 'the family' as the unit of #capitalism's production of good compliant workers.

Furthermore, the only children who *actually* don't get any presents are not naughty, but poor.

Reminder that the final meeting of the Ethics of Ambiguity reading group this year is today (Friday), 1-2PM BST - excellent if you'd like to do a bit of philosophical discussion as antidote to Xmas dinner table conversation 😃

Open to everyone, more info & how to join here:

Hi all! Over the winter break, I'm running a reading group on Simone de Beauvoir's Ethics of Ambiguity, one of the key texts of existentialist philosophy. The group is open to all and no prior training/detailed knowledge is necessary! The second session is Friday, 23 December, 1-2PM BST. We'll be reading the crucial second chapter, Personal Freedom and Others. Details, link to online version of the text, and how to join here: 👇

Just had a really enjoyable first reading group session on De Beauvoir's Ethics of Ambiguity, thank to @jana_bacevic - lots of interesting moments in the text highlighted and questions raised...

#philosophy #debeauvoir

Hello philosophy frens! Today & tomorrow I am at the Political Epistemology Network conference in Amsterdam - will be giving a keynote tomorrow on epistemic positioning and epistemic injustice. Stop by and say hello if you're around! politicalepistemologynetwork.c

🚨 New publication and happy news! 🚨

Julia Mosquera and I have a new paper ’How to feel about climate change? An analysis of the normativity of climate emotions’

Our paper was awarded the 2021 IJPS PERITIA prize, and is now published open access in the International Journal of Philosophical Studies: 🥳
#ClimateChange #Emotions #Philosophy #Psychology

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