"If experience actually presents esthetic and moral traits, then these traits may also be supposed to reach down into nature, and to testify to something that belongs to nature as truly as does the mechanical structure attributed to it in physical science. To rule out that possibility by some general reasoning is to forget that the very meaning and purport of empirical method is that things are to be studied on their own account, so as to find out what is revealed when they are experienced. The traits possessed by the subject-matters of experience are as genuine as the characteristics of sun and electron. They are found, experienced, and are not to be shoved out of being by some trick of logic. When found, their ideal qualities are as relevant to the philosophic theory of nature as are the traits found by physical inquiry." -- John Dewey, Experience and Nature (LW 1: 13-14)

Director Brown is on the train from Carbondale to Chicago for the John Dewey Society conference! 🚂

Work continues in the Center for Dewey Studies! We are transferring some of our irreplaceable resources to the SIU Special Collections, to insure their safe-keeping and availability to researchers for generations to come. It will also allow more room for activities and visitors!

The work of our Director, Matthew J Brown will be celebrated at this conference in Dallas. Deadline for abstracts is March 1.


With a colleague, we're currently running a fortnightly reading group on #Dewey's Human Nature & Conduct.

In preparation, I've been brushing up on his Great War period writings and thoughts, tracking his revision of his own positions as the war abroad and, above all, the propaganda machine at home ground onward.

Nice surprise then today to stumble upon this great talk by Louise W.Knight on D's debates with Jane Addams on this subject.

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"The 2023 VMST conference... celebrates Matthew J. Brown’s contributions to the Center for Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology. Given Matt’s departure... we wanted to thank Matt for all of his efforts in establishing the CVMST as a thriving interdisciplinary academic venue with an international reputation... ..we invite abstracts for papers addressing topics that have been central to Dr. Brown’s academic writings: values, pluralism, and pragmatism."

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So, I got the most amazing Christmas present this year from Jon Tsou and Magdalena Grohman at the Center for Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology. The 2023 Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology Conference is dedicated to my contributions to the Center and the topics of my work.


Save the Date!

John Dewey and His Legacy for Education

October 12-14, 2023 at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

I absolutely love this short clip of #Chomsky speaking about #Dewey, especially his unabashed joyful reminiscence at the end. And he's right; Dewey was radical. A more positively radical philosopher you will not find this side of sanity.

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