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Sustainability or climate change or health-related research permanent academic job opportunity:

Sydney Horizon Fellowships

Dream big, take risks and drive change
These fellowships are intended to empower up to 40 of the world's best and brightest emerging academics to undertake innovative research that will build our understanding of, and resilience to climate change, improve health outcomes, and create a more sustainable world.

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A 15,000 word article about the physics of a bicycle. It explores the forces that act on a bike in lovely approachable detail.

And it includes 118 wonderful interactive diagrams.

This is such a great piece of work.

#Bicycle #Bikes #BikeTooter #Cycling #Physics #Science


What is particularly amazing about this is that the university was incidentally caught up in a mansplaining furore about a stock image someone else used in proximity to the university logo back in 2018; I guess they've decided that if you're going to be held as guilty, you may as well do the crime. abc.net.au/news/2018-07-01/uni

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Within the past year, someone in the marketing department at my institution commissioned a photographer to take this shot. Then they approved its use in external-facing marketing and comms. Just incredible stuff.

Emily Thomas (Durham/ACU) will deliver the next Gavin David Young Lecture in Philosophy at the University of Adelaide, 'Origins of the A-B Theory Debate and G. E. Moore'.


Abstract - J. M. E. McTaggart’s 1908 ‘The Unreality of Time’ is rightly recognised as sparking the debate between philosophers who hold the ‘real nature’ of time to be an A-series, and those who take it to be a B-series. Bertrand Russell has been described as the ‘father’ of B-theory, but the parentage of A-theory is murky. This paper argues we should look to fellow ‘new realist’ G. E. Moore, who espoused anti-realism about time until late 1898 and then became a ‘common-sense’ A-theorist and presentist. I put Moore’s shifting views in context, explore his positions, and argue he owes a great debt to ‘old realist’ Henry Sidgwick.

The lecture will take place on Thursday 13th July 2023 on the North Terrace Campus in the Napier Building, lecture theatre G04, 6:00pm–7:30pm. It is open to the public, and there will be time for Q&A from the audience.

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If humanity survives 500 years, what contemporary practice would be considered the most morally outrageous?

Feel free to explain in the replies.

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English has two different terms for words that come into English from other languages. A 'calque' is translated from the source language. (E.g., flea market, beer garden, paper tiger) A 'loanword' is ported in its original form. (E.g., cafe, bazaar, kindergarten) Perhaps ironically, the word 'calque' is a loanword, while 'loanword' is a calque (from Ger. 'lehnwort').

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What do people make of the current trend for departments to appoint permanent staff in currently high-profile topics (e.g. philosophy of AI, metaphysics of race & gender, environmental ethics) rather than broad subdisciplines (e.g. philosophy of mind, ethics, feminist or non-Western philosophy)?

Very pleased to announce the imminent arrival (subject to visas 🙁) of two new staff in Philosophy at Adelaide: Pei-hua Huang and Stephanie Sheintul!



Really looking forward to welcoming them to Adelaide and to the exciting new directions they will help take our department.

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We are now three years into the shift from office working to hybrid/home-based and the only strategy commercial property developers have is paying for advertorials bleating about how everyone should work in offices rather than idk pivoting their model.

Capitalism is not a driver of innovation, or they'd have fucking innovated.

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Already signed the #RaiseTheStipend petition⬆️?

Time to get crafty🖨️📌

The PhD students organising the petition would like you to print out this flyer👇 & stick it anywhere seen by lots of 👀

PDF to print ▶️🔗drive.google.com/file/d/1NWqDM

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Registration is now open for a workshop *Space, Time, and Location*, Tarndanya/Adelaide July 10–13, 2023.


This is hybrid event with in-person talks with livestreamed discussion.

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RT @ARC_Tracker@twitter.com

‼️All researchers: Sign this petition‼️


Tell your colleagues, families & friends.

PhD students do heavy lifting in Australian research. But they're struggling to even pay the rent.

MINIMUM WAGE. Literally the least they should get!


🐦🔗: twitter.com/ARC_Tracker/status

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So cool! Bill Orcutt Guitar Quartet on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert, with Ava Mendoza, Shane Parish, and Wendy Eisenberg.


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The Council of Australasian University Librarians have negotiated a read and publish agreement for Australasian universities that includes the AJP. If publishing open access was prohibitive before this may make things easier for Australasian authors. Not fully open but not as closed as we were.


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Not every day you see the Labor Party reject its own advisory panel's advice to increase welfare to the poor, while doggedly pursuing tax breaks for the rich etc. Wild.

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