It's time for the truth to come out. I never liked cities, it was all a grift.

And now that I have a million subscribers I can finally buy a truck and move to suburbia.

Checkmate, urbanists!

#urbanplanning #notjustbikes #justcars #suburbia #subursrulecitiesdrool

Jerzyki to nadptaki, latają szybciej niż bojing, mają cela jak łucznik olimpijczyk i śpiewają pięknie niczym luczjano pawarotti.

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Our vice-dean of #education asked for input on the faculty's stance on generative #AI (large language models such as #GPT and applications of #LLMs such as #ChatGPT) in our #philosophy programs. These are some of the points I wrote.

(Posting the rest as unlisted and without hashtags. 😅) 1/n

The slow roll-out of machine-learning-everything and the rapid onslaught of Large Language Models force us to have opinions and take sides and adopt principles. Today I write about how I resisted machine learning for 10 years and how I ended up doing it.

Here is your must-read article for the day, a profile of @emilymbender, and her efforts to deflate the ridiculous hype around large language models such as ChatGPT.

It's also about the people who are behind that hype, and about what their way of thinking has the potential to do to us.

It's worth reading all the way to the end.

That said, I'm heartbroken that this is not a real paper.

Salinas-Melgoza, A., Taylor, A. H., and Seed, A. (2020). Wild crows discriminate objects based on their physical properties and cause a small fire to obtain food. Scientific Reports, 10(1), 1-7.

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If you know me from my recent work in Computational Social Science, you might have been puzzled by the announcement of my latest paper on salt polygons. If you check out the paper's preprint you will quickly notice that it has a “history”, which I would like to tell here 🧵


August De Morgan pointed out what we call "De Morgan's laws":

not(A or B) = not(A) and not(B)
not(A and B) = not(A) or not(B)

He also introduced the term "mathematical induction".

But he had a cautious attitude toward negative numbers!

Introducing Ayla Sans (Working Title), my private work of the last seven years.

I had started it directly after FF DIN Arabic while I was still living in Amman. I wanted to design a near-monolinear Naskh that pays as much tribute to the calligraphic heritage as possible while still looking super contemporary and clean.

It will come in Arabic, Latin, Cyrillic & Greek, but without Italics. I will design Italics once this is out and has become a success.

Due out later this year on @fontwerk.

Put this up on Twitter over the weekend, but I guess it should go here, too:

Okay, I read it so you don't have to. Here's a reaction thread to OpenAI / Sam Altman's blog post from Friday "Planning for AGI and beyond":

From the get-go this is just gross. They think they are really in the business of developing/shaping "AGI". And they think they are positioned to decide what "benefits all of humanity".


A quick recap for the Fedi: sometimes I write blog posts about academic-adjacent subjects that I feel strongly about but can't bring into my research. Today I wride on our two wheeled friends.

Media be like “this war-torn country has better public transport than we do”

This past week, an administrator at Vanderbilt University had a very serious Luis Suarez moment.

You see, it fell to them to write the students a message of support in the aftermath of the MSU mass shooting. They somehow decided that it would be a good idea to let ChatGPT write the message for them.

And then, with perverse scrupulosity, they ADDED THIS TEXT TO THE EMAIL:

“Paraphrase from OpenAI's ChatGPT AI language model, personal communication, February 15, 2023.”

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Happy #BlackHistoryMonth !

I will get to Black history. For now, I'm still on white US history.

Q: Why is so much Black music about violence and misogyny? I'm not racist, but I think Black culture is just more violent. Why does it seem that way?

A: Racism. Rap, trap, and drill, are only the most popular genres of Black music listened to *by white people.* The most popular among Black folk is R&B, almost 2X as popular. Violent rap is mostly for y'all.🤷🏿‍♂️


Super frustrated with all the cheerleading over chatbots for search, so here's a thread of presentations of my work with Chirag Shah on why this is a bad idea. Follow threaded replies for:

media coverage
original paper
conference presentation

Please boost whichever (if any) speak to you.

Our columnist got catfished by a bot trained on shitty emoji-laden scifi fanfic and today the world is forever changed because.... (1/76)

this isn't really an insight, but more of a revelation of framing things

when people say we no longer need (artists, writers, "to write academic papers", etc....) because chatGPT will do it for us

those people almost always *self-describe* as being uninterested in either *producing* or *consuming* those things

i guess i'm just stuck on the implications of an AI scholar with avowed antipathy toward the material artifacts of our work - the conference papers, journal articles, blog posts, etc...

This is not a chart depicting Moore’s Law.

This chart is the CRAYOLA COROLLARY showing that the number of Crayola crayon colors doubles approximately every 18 years.

Siobhan Roberts' article yesterday in the New York Times was a real celebration of Mathstodon, and how we teamed up to crack this problem: when you chop a square into 4 similar rectangles, what proportions can the rectangles have?

Those were heady days, right after you-know-who drove crowds of refugees from Twitter to Mastodon.

Roberts spent a lot of time interviewing people to get many sides of this story. Let's see who gets mentioned - and why!


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