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New study finds "no substantial evidence of any biological advantages for trans women competing in elite women's sport."

"'What threatens women's elite sport, for cis and trans women, is not trans women, but is rather misogyny in the form of underfunding, non-parity in participation and leadership, inequitable sport space allocation/access, and a range of sporting opportunities not afforded to women...in equitable ways.'"


#TransRights #cycling #queer

Something I learnt about only recently (it may have been on here): for many arxiv preprints, if you replace the "x" in the url with a "5", you will get a nice accessible html :html5: version!


Works quite well for reading on your phone in the train for example 👍

Take a box full of equal-sized regular tetrahedra. Start compressing it. These patterns tend to form!

i has cracks: the 5 tets don't fit snugly.

ii has 9 tets: it's built by taking two copies of i and letting them share a single tet.

iii is made from 20 tets. Again it has cracks.

Adding an extra layer to iii we get iv, made of 70 tets.

v is called a tetrahelix!


In our book Calling Bullshit, we write about corporate weaselspeak and the way that it hides an often terrible human toll behind a smokescreen of jargon and passive voice.

Today's layoff announcement emailed to all PagerDuty employees is destined to become known as a classic of the genre.


Next week I'll be giving a talk at the University of Michigan, geared to the general public, entitled "The crisis of human collective decision-making in a social media world".


The talk, at 4 PM EST on Tuesday Jan 31st, will be live-streamed and is open to anyone who wants to watch. You do need to register, at this link: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI

Dear colleagues, I want to share my most recent translation project coauthored with Uladzislau Harbacki from the European Humanities University. We undertook a translation from English into Belarusian of a zine - an informal popular science booklet - about the Sexual Configurations Theory (SCT). The theory itself was developed by Prof. Sari van Anders, and the English original was created by Alex Iantaffi, Meg-John Barker, and Jules Scheele. SCT proposes a broader range of terms to discuss gender identity and sexual orientation. What exists beyond the binary classes of men and women, gays and straights, vanilla and kink? What space does the diversity of gender/sex identities occupy and how to find oneself in that space? These are the mapping questions that SCT addresses.

This translation was a challenge for us to develop Belarusian vocabulary for gender discussions. In many questions - especially the graphical diagrams - the zine only scratches the surface and doesn't include the rich empirical results of newest studies. However, for people who don't fit in the cis-hetero paradigm even such a short popular text can be a great discovery of a whole wide world of alternative options for self-identification.

There is a lot of work left in what concerns the pronouns, gendered forms, vocabulary surrounding people of nonbinary gender, which is very hard to work with in gendered languages such as Belarusian. In English it is easy to introduce the pronoun "they" and everything works from there on, but in Belarusian and other continental European languages one needs to think a lot about new grammar. I hope this zine becomes a good starting point for individual gender journeys.

For those who don't read Belarusian, I highly recommend either reading the English original or one of the other translations (French/Spanish/Italian), or undertaking your own translation into your own language for an exercise.


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[EN below]

Шаноўныя калегі, жадаю падзяліцца сваёй найноўшай перакладніцкай супрацай з Уладзіславам Гарбацкім з Эўрапейскага Гуманітарнага Ўніверсітэту. Мы ўзяліся перакладаць з ангельскай на беларускую зін - нефармальны навукова-папулярны буклет - пра Тэорыю Сэксуальных Канфігурацыяў (ТСК). Саму тэорыю распрацавала Прафесарка Сэры ван Андэрс, а над ангельскім арыгіналам зіну працавалі Алекс Янтафі, Мэг-Джон Баркер, і Джулс Шыл. ТСК прапануе больш шырокі спэктр тэрмінаў для абмеркаваньня гендарнай ідэнтычнасьці і сэксуальнае арыентацыі. Што існуе па-за бінарнымі клясамі мужчынаў і жанчынаў, геяў і гетэра, ванілі і БДСМ? Якую прастору займае разнастайнасьць самасьцяў гендар/полу і як знайсьці ў гэтай прасторы сябе? Гэтымі картаграфічнымі пытаньнямі і займаецца ТСК.

Гэты пераклад быў для нас пэўным выклікам распрацоўкі беларускай лексікі для гендарных дыскусій. Тут яшчэ шмат працы ў тым што кранаецца займеньнікаў, гендарных формаў, слоўніка навокал асобаў небінарнага гендару, зь якім вельмі складана працаваць ў гендарных мовах такіх як беларуская. Гэта ў ангельскай можна проста ўвесьці небінарны займеньнік "they" і далей усе працуе, а ў беларускай і іншых кантынентальна эўрапейскіх мовах трэба шмат думаць пра новую граматыку.

Шмат у якіх пытаньнях - асабліва на графічных дыяграмах - зін толькі крыху кранае паверхню, і не ўключае эмпірычныя вынікі найноўшых дасьледаваньняў. Але ж для людзей што ня ўпісваюцца ў цыс-гетэра парадыгму нават і такі кароткі, папулярны тэкст можа быць вялікім адкрыцьцём суцэльнага сусьвету альтэрнатыўных магчымасьцяў для самавызначэньня. Спадзяюся гэты зін стане добрай адпраўной кропкай для асабістых гендарных падарожжаў.

Для тых хто не чытае на беларускай, вельмі раю прачытаць арыгінал на ангельскай ці адзін зь іншых перакладаў (французская/гішпанская/італійская), ці распачаць уласны пераклад на ўласную мову ў якасьці практыкаваньня.


Aristotle claimed that identical regular tetrahedra could be packed in a way that fills space. It seems unlikely if you actually try it - but only in 1925 was it proved impossible. And only in 2010 did people prove a nontrivial upper bound on the density of the packing you can achieve, namely


On the other hand, the densest known packing has density about .8563 - there's a discussion and picture on Wolfram's website:



"You are helping by cycling when you can"
British WWII propaganda poster
ca. 1940

Still true today

Whisper networks exist because formal sexual harassment reporting channels too often fail women. If reports aren't ignored altogether, women can have their morals questioned, reputations sullied and face retaliation.

Oh noes, the “ground truth” is wrong... Who could have thought?! 🤷‍♂️

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There are several label mistakes in the MNIST dataset.

Look at the attached picture. No wonder we can't get a 100% accurate model!

Here is the best part:

We discovered these mistakes using an open-source Python library: Cleanlab.


2 of 5

🐦🔗: twitter.com/svpino/status/1615

Our paper about the gender & publication patterns of scientific editors out in Nature Human Behavior 📰

Let it be known that sin(x) on [-pi/2,pi/2) is not a great example to use when explaining inverse functions.

Days since I accidentally drew a swastika on the board: 0

The chat gpt assignment i proposed at the top of this thread looks like this, this semester:

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(1/7) A few weeks ago we have talked about female pioneers of electronic music and how they shaped the sounds of our time. As this list was far from complete, we want to show you 5 more outstanding female electronic musicians that were ahead of their time …

"Speaking a second or even a third #language can bring obvious advantages, but occasionally the words, grammar and even accents can get mixed up. This can reveal surprising things about how our brains work."

"I'm standing in line at my local bakery in #Paris, apologising to an incredibly confused shopkeeper. He's just asked how many pastries I would like, and completely inadvertently, I responded in #Mandarin instead of #French. I'm equally baffled: I'm a dominant #English speaker, and haven't used Mandarin properly in years. And yet, here in this most Parisian of settings, it somehow decided to reassert itself." 😁


#BBC #Future

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