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I do believe in a relatively slowly [ and in a Collingwood style ] transforming philosophia perennis.
My (few) papers center around the tradeoff of knowledge and reality, most important in this respect - in my own opinion - is my paper on a formal analogy (in basic ) to elements of ’s in (, part I).
I do share my philosophical views broadly construed as a public respondent of the philsurvey_2020,
[ ]
and I draw and share with discussions (somewhat elaborated chat discussions, as well as online discussions) at many occasions.

New #ebook @gutenberg_org: On the relative motion of the earth and the luminiferous æther by Albert A. Michelson and Edward Williams Morley

@legoktm @wikipedia I am so glad to hear this. This is a well-deserved and most sincere compliment.

You are doing a fantastic job. We see it and we appreciate it. And seeing how well this post is doing, we are many to think so. All my most heartfelt thank you for your incredible work 💚

from reddit /TIL: #TIL a family in Georgia claimed to have passed down a song in an unknown language from the time of their enslavement; scientists identified the song as a genuine West African funeral song in the Mende language that had survived multiple transmissions from mother to daughter over multiple centuries

We just joined Mastodon, please follow us. Still more posts to come soon.

Not everything we see online is true.

Before hitting the share button, practice a thorough check. These crucial questions will guide you:

✔️ WHO is behind it?
✔️ WHAT is the source?
✔️ WHERE did it come from?
✔️ WHY are you sharing it?
✔️ WHEN was it published?

Together, we will triumph over #misinformation, one click at a time.

#FactsMatter #EUvsDisinfo #PledgetoPause


would you consider to tolerate recourse to some llm routine (e.g. chatgpt) in order to help spirit off the bottleneck of providing qualified paper reviews in time ?

BOOM!💥 Fraser Cain @fraser is in the house! 🚀

If you have even a passing interest in #astronomy or just want your mind stretched, you owe it to yourself to follow Fraser Cain @fraser, the publisher of Universe Today, and the co-host of Astronomy Cast (w/ Dr. Pamela Gay) (Also check out Astronomy Cast!)

Every post is a wonder, Fraser is a treasure, and we are super lucky to have him on Mastodon!

Thanks Fraser!
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A lot of the accounts you follow and interact with on here are not Mastodon accounts!

For example, @theatticdwellers is a PeerTube account, @Iancylkowski is a Pixelfed account, @rstv is an OwnCast account.

There are dozens of different server types on here, not just Mastodon servers. When you talk about this place, it's not enough to call it "Mastodon", because it's more than just that.

That's why people call this place "The Fediverse", because that name covers all server types. :fediverse:

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Please find in this thread a collection of #philosophy resources on Mastodon. Please let me know if there's anything missing!

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papers in philosophy select their audience - what do you think most important ?

Guten Morgen meine Damen und Herren, wir begrüßen Sie zur tagesschau!

“One cannot simply bypass ethics on the way to metaphysics, or construct a metaphysical political philosophy that has nothing to say about what should be the first concern of any political community: justice.”

#ethics #metaphysics #philosophy #justice #socrates #plato #idea #forms #neoplatonism

I'm still blown away by LLMs and think these will be disruptive of a lot of things. I also think they do display creativity. To that end, here is: "The Muppets' Principia Mathematica by Betrand Russell".


An international team of astronomers has discovered eight of the hottest stars in the universe, all with surfaces hotter than 100,000 degrees Celsius. The work was published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.


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