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Many thanks to York's Digital Comms team for editing our homepage to verify this account. Feels all proper grown-up now!

We can't be the only Philosophy Department on Mastodon. Where are y'all?

I wrote a thing. About reason, rationalisation and AI stuff. All part of my fumbling towards getting a proper philosophical grip on this stuff.

#AI #Philosophy #XAI #Transparency #Explainability etc

I had a few thoughts about the 'existential threat' this morning and wrote them down.

Tl;dr the real existential threat is not artificial intelligence but artificial Ayn Randism.

#AI #AIHype #Superintelligence #ExistentialThreat


James Clarke has just had an article published Open Access in the British Journal for the History of Philosophy, an invited contribution to a special issue on the philosophy of recognition.

Angelos Sofocleous has been selected to go through to the University of York 3 Minute Thesis Final on 14 June 2023 (6pm - 7.30pm)!!!
For more information:

Tomorrow (16.00 BST), Angelos Sofocleous will give a talk titled "(Mis)Understanding Depression", for the Philosophy & Psychiatry Series of the 'Social Roots of Mental Disorders' project.

If interested in attending, please contact Miguel Núñez at

Congratulations to recent PhD graduate Britt Harrison! Her book Philosophy of Film Without Theory (co-edited with Craig Fox) was published yesterday by Palgrave Macmillan.

This Wednesday, 19 April from 2-4pm, York Philosophy PGRs are invited to a PRES Pizza Afternoon in our seminar room to complete their surveys and have some pizza as our thank-you.

Thanks to the C & JB Morrell Trust, we have two bursaries available to students joining the MA Political and Legal Philosophy in 2023/24. The bursaries are for £3000 towards living costs. Deadline for applications is 7 July 2023. Further details at:

Public talks by members of the Department at the Angel on the Green pub.

Monday May 1: Tom Stoneham, on Digital Rights

Monday May 8 Martin O’Neill, on Community Wealth Building.

Were you awarded your York Philosophy PhD after 18 March 2022? Contact Janet Eldred ( for details about the Philosophy dept. application process.
Application deadline: 5.00pm(BST) on 9 May 2023.

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The Humanities Research Centre announces the Postdoctoral Research Fellowships competition 2023-24.

This 2nd Conference, with American co-directors Craig Fox & Katheryn Doran aims to build on the succes of thefirst York-based conference in 2019. See here for details: philosophyoffilmwithouttheory.

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Recent Doctoral Graduate Britt Harrison is delighted to announce the New York State located 2nd Philosophy of Film Without Theory Conference and its Call for Abstracts.

Jake Dorothy is still seeking participants for their PhD research on the phenomenology of self and traumatic experiences:
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Are you 18+ and have experience of trauma?

Participants sought for research into the impact of trauma on sense of self:

Mary Leng writes here about the background to her recent paper on the UK Gender Recognition Act.
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I’m delighted to be able to share my article, ‘Amelioration, Inclusion, and Legal Recognition: On Sex, Gender, and the UK Gender Recognition Act’, which has been published (Open Access) in the Journal of Political Philosophy. 🧵 (1/25)

Fiora Salis will be at the Philosophy Public Lectures Series at UEA this evening to talk about Knowledge through Imagination with Adam Toon (Exeter) and Milena Ivanova (Cambridge). The event is sponsored by The Royal Institute of Philosophy:

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Great discussion of @CommWealthBldng with party members at the Irish @labour conference, w/ @geraldnash TD, @joecguinan @DemocracyCollab, @BufacchiV, and Dr Carol Power of @UCC. Fantastic support to take these ideas forward in Ireland. 🇮🇪

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