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Many thanks to York's Digital Comms team for editing our homepage to verify this account. Feels all proper grown-up now!

We can't be the only Philosophy Department on Mastodon. Where are y'all?

Mary Leng writes here about the background to her recent paper on the UK Gender Recognition Act.
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I’m delighted to be able to share my article, ‘Amelioration, Inclusion, and Legal Recognition: On Sex, Gender, and the UK Gender Recognition Act’, which has been published (Open Access) in the Journal of Political Philosophy. 🧵 (1/25)

Fiora Salis will be at the Philosophy Public Lectures Series at UEA this evening to talk about Knowledge through Imagination with Adam Toon (Exeter) and Milena Ivanova (Cambridge). The event is sponsored by The Royal Institute of Philosophy:

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Great discussion of @CommWealthBldng with party members at the Irish @labour conference, w/ @geraldnash TD, @joecguinan @DemocracyCollab, @BufacchiV, and Dr Carol Power of @UCC. Fantastic support to take these ideas forward in Ireland. 🇮🇪

Mathew Ratcliffe is giving a lecture at the University of Macau on 'Having and Lacking Certainty' on March 29. For more info, including instructions about how to attend online if you're not in Macau,see here:

I coined a phrase yesterday, so thought I had better write something down to lay claim to it!

It is an obvious variant on 'technology debt' so if someone has beaten me to it, please let me know so I can credit them.

This programme is expected to expand rapidly over the rest of this year with new functions and roles being created. The CMA has offices in Manchester, Darlington and Edinburgh - as well as in London - and is keen to recruit and appoint across the UK.

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Some news that might be relevant to AI graduates.

York Philosophy PhD alumna Mahlet Zimeta was recently announced on a new senior panel for working with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to regulate big tech monopolies in the UK.

Our academics strive to generate analysis and ideas for policy. Tom Stoneham has recently been providing expert consultation for a 'Deep Dive' investigation by the Department of Education into the evidence behind the use of 1:1 devices in schools.

Jacopo Frascaroli @J_Frascaroli also presented at the same conference on Tuesday .The title of his talk was 'Predictive Processing, Art, and Phenomenal Experience'.

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Two HRC (doctoral and postdoctoral) fellows in action ! Last week on Thursday, Daniel Kim @danbeingdan gave a talk (titled 'Naïve Realism and Sensorimotor Theory: A New Response to the Problem of Perceptual Presence') at the Catholic University of Portugal in Braga, Portugal.

A beautiful photo of Janet Eldred's labyrinth team's pop-up labyrinth for UoY Mental Health Day (March 9, today!). The labyrinth is near The Quiet Place, behind Helsington Hall. This is the team's third pop-up labyrinth over the past 12 months. Do go visit!

David Ingram has been elected as the new Vice-President of the Philosophy of Time Society!

SocraTEA has taken place each week in term time on a Thursday from 11am and has proved to be a popular event for students to meet and catch up outside of seminars and lectures. Milo was a real hit with students and staff - putting a smile on everyone's faces!

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Lucy Akturk is our Student Wellbeing Officer. She brought in her therapy dog Milo to the Philosophy department on Thursday during our special well-being SocraTEA event with the students.

On tonight at 6pm in the Berrick Saul Building, a public seminar in which Mohammed Gamal Abdelnour will explore the key questions which he addresses in his The Higher Objectives of Islamic Theology: Toward a Theory of Maqāṣid al-ʿAqīda:

Ever been unconvinced that the 'Common sense' view on a topic really is that? Then you might be interested in reading Keith Allen's new paper, out in Synthese with Eugen Fischer and Paul Engelhardt:

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Absolutely delighted that Dr Giacomo Floris (PhD @mancept) will be joining @UoYPhilosophy @UniOfYork as a @BritishAcademy_ Postdoctoral Fellow for 2023-26, working on a project "At the Margins of Equality: a Theory of Vulnerability to Social Exclusion".

We’re looking forward to welcoming Dr Giacomo Floris to @UniOfYork when he joins us as a @BritishAcademy_ Postdoctoral Fellow, working on his research project “At the Margins of Equality: a Theory of Vulnerability to Social Exclusion”. 👇
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Absolutely delighted that Dr Giacomo Floris (PhD @mancept) will be joining @UoYPhilosophy @UniOfYork as a @BritishAcademy_ Postdoctoral Fellow for 2023-26, working on a project …

Jacopo Frascaroli is giving a talk on Predictive Processing in Arts and Aesthetics today at 5pm at the Centre for Music and Science in Cambridge. Info on how to attend online can be found here:

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