This is my . There are many like it, but this one is mine.

I'm Peter Finocchiaro and I'm a professional philosopher.

Currently, I'm an Associate Professorial Research Fellow at Wuhan University. (What's an Associate Professorial Research Fellow? A good question without a good answer. It's basically what an Assistant Professor in the USA is.)

Most of my current research focuses on topics in metaphysics, especially metametaphysics and value in metaphysics. More recently, I've been expanding into topics in social philosophy, especially in connection to social construction and sexual orientation.

I am also a member of the Linguistic Justice Society and care a lot about how to manifest linguistic justice in my teaching.

My non-philosophical interests include cats, coffee, and cardigans.

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@PeterFinocchiaro Hi Peter, good to see another philosopher join! I recently collected some philosophy resources on Mastodon, maybe this thread is interesting for you to get started here:

@PeterFinocchiaro Welcome! I remember reading your Philosophical English class syllabus a while ago and thought that was such a great idea!

@kinozhao That class is such an unusual experience! I've totally re-designed the syllabus at least 3 times by now

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