Finally, a good quiet moment to write my :

I’m Marlene, a literary and cultural studies scholar from Germany, currently based in London and interested in all kinds of , and .

Even though as a researcher I primarily deal with literature, I love the whole wide field of ('philosophy' in the ancient sense). Connected to this, I love lively discussions, the examination of current social and political affairs and the joy of aesthetic forms, whether they come from art or . So, I’m really looking forward to sharing about all these topics here!

I love my , but I won't just focus on that here. Rather, I will be discussing and current affairs with you. And I love learning more about literature, art and philosophy from all over the world!

What I like about is how international the exchange is. I’m looking forward to learning more about the views of people from all over the world and getting in touch with them. At the same time, I'm also very interested in local life. I love my hometown Cologne (), lived mostly in in the last few years and now I'm brand new to . These cities will also feature in my posts.

Oh, and I love to . But that only works in real life, not on the internet.
"My kitchen is for dancing"! 😊

@MarleneMeuer welcome and I hope you enjoy being here.

@MarleneMeuer I hope you'll put content warnings on your political posts so I can follow you without falling into doomscrolling! Your many and varied interests look like you'll make a fascinating person to know.

@MarleneMeuer @philosophie @histodons @bookstodon @germanistik @litstudies Hi Marlene. Welcome. Will follow you and perhaps discuss things like a link between science and philosophy: neurophilosophy. Also like the fact that you dance at home as I do!

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