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One of the things that makes #LLM #Chatbots seem like they can carry on a conversation is that they adjust their state according to the conversation as it evolves, and respond in light of previous comments from both participants.

This may be good for a conversation, but naively implemented, it's quite a bad thing for a search tool / knowledge engine.

Here's an example. Here one answer #Bard gives when you ask it what I think of the InfoMap algorithm that I co-developed with Martin Rosvall.

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Help a researcher!

I'm designing an experiment and am searching for easily-explainable distinctions that most people don't know.

For example, the differences between:

- a hardtail and full-suspension mountain bike
- an engine and a motor
- jail and prison
- a lawyer and attorney
- others?

#psychology #philosophy #help

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We now have 257 people on the list “Philosophers & Philosophy Teachers on Mastodon” (with an easy method to follow multiple accounts at once)!
Please boost this post in order to reach more colleagues :
You can subscribe to the group
and use @philosophy and #Philosophy for your toots about philosophy.
Send me a DM if you want to be on the list. If I take more than a day or 2 to reply, it means that I didn't get your message.

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A comment on how Large Language Models affect the future of Higher Education, and important steps that institutions can take to avoid serious trouble ahead, co-authored with my brilliant colleague Silvia Milano this week in @Nature Machine Intelligence: rdcu.be/c8RHY #LLM #Egenis #chatgpt

I'm still blown away by LLMs and think these will be disruptive of a lot of things. I also think they do display creativity. To that end, here is: "The Muppets' Principia Mathematica by Betrand Russell".

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